Environmental Policy

The "Nissan's Environmental Philosophy" and "Environmental Policy" have been established to enable us to meet the needs of both customers and the environment.

Nissan's Environmental Philosophy - Symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature

It is our view that the human capacity to show kindness and concern will form the basis of environmental protection. As we strive to understand the environment better, all of us at Nissan bring to our activities a shared concern for people, society, nature and the earth. This commitment and concern is embodied in every Nissan product and in all of the company's operations, including sales, as the driving force of Nissan's ongoing contributions to a better society.

Ultimate Goal : "Manage the environmental impact caused by our operations, use of Nissan vehicles and use of resources to a level that can be absorbed by the nature"

Corporate Policy : "Sincere Eco-Innovator"

·         Sincere: To address proactively the environmental challenges and reduce the impact on the environment.

·         Eco-innovator: To develop a sustainable mobility society, we will provide customers with innovative technology in our products.


Key Issues

We persistently improve following issues by setting environmental objectives and targets based on social demand and long term vision which extended beyond compliance.

·         Reducing CO2 Emissions/ Shifting to Renewable Energies

·         Resource Recycling

·         Protecting the Air, Water, Soil and Biodiversity

·         Ultimate Goal and Key Issues

An "Eco First" Industry Leader

Eco First Mark

In recognition of Nissan's environmental commitments, including the company's pledge of comprehensive reduction of CO2 emissions and its aim to become an industry leader in producing zero-emission vehicles, Japan's Ministry of the Environment in July 2008 endorsed Nissan as an "Eco First" company under a program that helps businesses become eco-sustainable. In line with the terms of the "Eco First" program and Nissan's program commitments, provided to the Minister of the Environment at the time of accreditation, the company will systematically report to the ministry on the progress and results of its environmental initiatives and regularly disclose such information publicly.